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Personal details:

Immigration Status: Green card through self petition since 2016

Email: JeanDavid.Grattepanche@gmail.com


2011:   Ph. D. (Biological Oceanography): "Trophodynamism of microzooplanktonic protozoans in the eastern English Channel."
Advisor: Pr. Urania CHRISTAKI.
University of Littoral, UMR 8187 Laboratory of Oceanography and Geosciences, Wimereux, FRANCE.

2007:   Master of Science (Biodiversity, Marine Ecosystems, and Biological Oceanography).
University of Littoral and University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille, FRANCE.

2005:   Bachelor of Science (Biology of Organisms and Populations, and Marine Biology).
University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille, FRANCE.​


PhD jury members:
©JD Grattepanche
Current Position:
Research Assistant Professor October 2018- present
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA. Mixotrophy and/or kleptoplasty in the Southern Oceans (Mentor: Bob Sanders)

Past Positions:
Postdoctoral research fellow 2012-2018 
Smith College, Northampton, MA, USA. Diversity and biogeography of marine microbial eukaryotes using DGGE and high throughput sequencing. Focus on spatio-temporal scales and community assembly in the coastal ocean (Mentor: Laura A Katz)
Lecturer in the Biological Sciences department fall 2017
Smith College, Northampton, MA. Design and implement a topic seminar entitled Microbial Ecology on a Changing Planet, which will interest at microbial ecology concept, diversity biogeography, trophic web and other interactions, and impacts of climate change on the microbial eukaryotes. 

Awards, Grants and Fellowships
  • 2016: EMBL meeting. Travel award $1,500
  • 2016: Sloan microbiology of the Built Environment Meeting. Travel award $1,500
  • 2015: GRS-GRC Applied & Environmental Microbiology. Travel award $1,000
  • 2013: SMBE Eukaryotic -Omics meeting. Travel award $1,050
  • 2012-present : NSF postdoctoral research fellowship
  • 2007-2011 : Allocation du ministère de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieur (FRANCE)
  • 2008 : bourse ERASMUS (EUROPE) 2,500 euros
  • 2000-2007: Grant from ministère de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieur (FRANCE) (each year stipend to support university and life expense)

Research Skills

  • Molecular: DNA extraction, PCR, clone libraries, DGGE, FISH and High-Throughput Sequencing (454 and Illumina) for amplicon and (meta)transcriptomics.
  • Microscopy: Inverted, epifluorescence and confocal (micro- to nanoplankton identification); Phytoplankton and microzooplankton culture.
  • Experimentation: Micro- and mesocosm experiments, dilution experiments (Phytoplankton growth rate and microzooplankton grazing rate), and prey-predator incubation with fluorescently labeled prey (specific grazing rate).
  • Hydrology: Analyisis of inorganic nutrients by Alliance® autoanalyzer.
  • Bioinformatics: Python, bioPython, QIIME, Mothur, R, Matlab

Teaching experience

PhD defense © JD Grattepanche

Marine Biological Laboratory (Wood hole, MA, USA) July 018
  • Designed and implemented a laboratory on microbial eukaryote diversity for the Advanced Research training on Microbial Diversity.

Smith College (Fall 2017) as lecturer
  • Designed an implemented course entitled 'Microbial ecology on a changing planet'
Smith College (spring 2014-2016)
  • Designed and implemented curriculum for a research-based course on microbial diversity.
  • Advised first-year students in a research course on biogeochemical cycling.
  • Mentored more than 15 undergraduate students working on special studies and/or honors projects.  

University of Littoral (2007-2011)
Developed undergraduate level tutorials on oceanographic methods; embryology; animal histocytology and zoology ranging from cnidarian to fish.
Taught science communication in a graduate-level course.

Lectured on planktonic ecology in a graduate-level course.

Student Training
Undergraduate Students (Smith College; Honors Theses in italics)

Jessica Andrade’15,
Chloe Barnett’15,
Kate Brien’15,
Cameah Wood’15,
rielle Gomes-Williams’15,
Florence MacGregor’15J,
Mary Badger’16,
Chip Sisson’16,
Kayla Foney’17,
Ghida El
Falak Koreshi’17,

Doris Juarez’17,
Bethaney Gulla-Devaney’18,
Brigit McDannell’18,
Morgan Schwartz’18,

Claire Roycroft’19,
Simran Sahni’19,
Abby Onos’17 

Graduate Students (University of Littoral, University of Lille)
  • Elise Biron (M1 ULCO), Molecular approaches for understanding Microbial diversity. February - April 2017. Co-Advisor L. Katz (Smith College) 
  • Marc BESSON (L3 ENS de Lyon), Structure and succession of microplankton communities in anthropized coastal area: the eastern English Channel. June-July 2011. Co-advisor: U. CHRISTAKI (Pr. ULCO)
  • Stéphane VIGNE (M2R UL1/ULCO), Heterotrophic protist in the eastern English Channel during the winter and spring 2011. In situ Dynamic and diversity and incubation experiment. January-June 2011. Co-advisor: U. CHRISTAKI (Pr. ULCO)
  • Marine PERIOT (M2R UL1/ULCO), Characterisation of planktonic protist by CARD-FISH method and flow cytometry. January-June 2010. Co-advisor: U. CHRISTAKI (Pr. ULCO)
  • Thomas RAUD (M1 ULCO), Zooplankton Feeding in the eastern English Channel during the srping phytoplankton bloom.  April-June 2009. Co-advisor : D. Vincent (MCF ULCO)
  • Marie MARCHADIER (M2R UL1/ULCO), Grazing impact of microzooplankton on various phytoplankton size classes in the eastern English Channel during the spring bloom. January-June 2009. Co-advisor : D. Vincent (MCF ULCO)

Leadership experience:

  • Leader of a team in the laboratory of the professor Laura A. Katz, Elsie Damon Simonds Professor, Smith College (composed of 5-6 undergraduate students per semester and a research assistant; 2012-present).
  • Crew chief during a research cruises on board of the R/V Cape Hatteras (July 2012) and R/V Connecticut (July 2015).
  • Elected member (PhD student – postdoc) of the laboratory council for the Laboratory of Oceanography and Geosciences at University of Littoral-Cote d’Opale, University of Lille and CNRS (2010-2011).

Work experience

Molecular biology filtration system © JD Grattepanche
  • May-August 2008 (ERASMUS visit): Genetic analyses and clones library. Supervisor: Pr. K. Ar. Kormas, Department of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment in University of Thessaly (Greece)
  • January-September 2007: Distribution and trophic role of nano- and microzooplankton during the spring bloom in the eastern English Channel. Supervisor: Pr U. CHRISTAKI, FRE 2816 ELICO (Wimereux, FRANCE)
  • March-July 2006: Temporal evolution of hydrobiological parameters during and after the spring bloom of Phaeocystis globosa in the eastern English Channel. Supervisors: Dr V. GENTILHOMME and Dr F. GOULART, FRE 2816 ELICO (Wimereux, FRANCE).