Postdoctoral Fellow
Smith College
Department of Biological Sciences
Katz Lab
Northampton, MA, 01063, USA

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Molecular filtration during the cruise on the RV Cape Hatteras
May 31st, 2018: My oral communication at PSA/ISOP meeting 2018 has been accepted.   Time TBA
May 9th, 2018: The paper on diversity of Vernal Pool has been accepted in Journal of Plankton Research. 

April 25th, 2018: My oral communication at ASLO Summer meeting 2018 has been accepted. I will be presenting on Wed, Jun 13, 2018 (04:30 PM - 04:45 PM):  Saanich 1&2 about Assessing Bottom-up and Top-down controls using microcosm and 'omics
March 8th, 2018: The review of the SAR clade is online here with a cool video abstract 

Research Topics

  • Spatio-temporal variability and diversity of planktonic protists
  • Taxonomic and functional diversity of planktonic eukaryotes (Mainly SAR)
  • Microbial and Planktonic food webs
  • Phytoplankton-microzooplankton relationship
Plankton food web (simplified) © JD Grattepanche


  • 2015-2017 - Diversity and dynamics of planktonic ciliates ­ what can next­ generation sequencing technologies tell us? (NSF US). PIs Laura A. KATZ and  George B. McMANUS. 
  • 2015-2020 - GoLife: Collaborative Research: Bringing the diverse microbial clade Stramenopila + Alveolata + Rhizaria (SAR) into a modern genomic context. (NSF US). PI Chris LANE, Co-PIs Laura A. KATZ and Chuck DELWICHE.
  • 2018-2019 - PLANKTONic Eukaryotic PARasites: the parTicular case of PhaeocYstis blooms PLANKTON-PARTY. (EC2CO France). PI Urania CHRISTAKI.

Past Project:
  • 2012-2014 - Project Diversity and biogeography of marine oligotrich and choreotrich ciliates (NSF US). PIs Laura A. KATZ and George B. McMANUS. 
  • 2011 - Project ICCARE (Région Nord-Pas de Calais): Impact des Changements Climatiques et Anthropiques sur la biodiversité des pRotistes des Ecosystèmes côtiers. PI Sébastien LEFEBVRE 
  • 2010 - 2011 ANR DREP: Diversity & roles of eumycetes in the pelagial. PI Télesphore SIME-NGANDO
  • 2011 - Project IMMERSE (CNRS EC2CO): Diversity and seasonal variability of heterotrophic eukaryotic communities in a productive marine environment (Eastern English Channel). PI Urania CHRISTAKI 
  • 2010 - 2011 - Project BOUM (SESAME): Biogeochemistry from the Oligotrophic to Ultraoligotrophic Mediterranean. PI Thierry MOUTIN.


Pr. Laura A. KATZ: Ciliates diversity and biogeography
Pr. George B. McMANUSCiliates diversity and biogeography
Pr. Rob Knight: 'Omics
Pr. Chris Lane: SAR diversity
Pr. Chuck Delwiche: SAR diversity

Pr. Urania CHRISTAKI: PhD advisor, parasitism in the food web
Pr. Konstantinos Ar. KORMAS: clone librairies construction
Dr. Sébastien MONCHY: metagenomic analyses
Dr. Dorothée VINCENT: Prey-predator experiments
JD and Laura on the deck of the R/V Cape Hatters (2012)